Xodo Pdf Reader Review:An Extremely Functional PDF Tool

In every business organization, PDFs have become a required tool to view, access, share, and collaborate with the team, give reviews, and go through documents with ease.

With that, the rise and the demand for PDF reading, editing, and converting the files have also become a necessity.

If you go back, you will hardly find out anything as “PDF” but now eventually pdf reader and editor have become the best productivity app to download in android. 

Whether paid or a free version, both have evolved to make the personal life, as well as business with ample documents, work seamlessly.

One of the most sorted applications in the list is Xodo PDF Reader & Editor, but what makes it the top-rated & extremely functional pdf reader app?

The Growing demand for PDF reader & Editors 

PDF documents are easy to read, share, and holds the strongest benefit of all, are secured with a password, and only those who have got the access can view, edit, and convert it.

pdf reader on android

For android phones, the PDF readers apps are getting advanced with all the technology-driven into making the application an independent approach with unlimited features.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor: Honest Review

1.Form Filling Effortlessly

Filling forms are extremely stressful, but when you download XODO PDF Reader and editor, all your editing, annotating, form filling needs are fulfilled.

It is very simple to use, moreover offering you the unique feature of a handwritten digital signature for easily signing your documents.

Just tapping on a different section, selecting and ticking from the checkbox and that’s how you fill the form.

You need not have to worry about losing your form as it works offline too quiet well.

2.Multiple Files Management

Managing your files seems to be a hassle? Not anymore!

You can move, delete, rename, and delete any files, a folder with the built-in file manager option.

Your recently viewed, edited, and modified file can be accessed instantly with the option provided that opens where you left last.

Thumbnail and grid view allows you to seamlessly view all your files and make easy access to whichever folder/file you wish to read.

Not just that, you can also export and import files from or to your cloud management. 

3.Now Sync Like A Pro 

If you wish to link the application with your drive and Dropbox account so to make the editing and saving a bit faster.

You can access all the documents edited, forms filled, and modified directly getting saved on the clouds.best pdf reader in android

The XODO editor allows you to make use of the option that saves all your documents directly and automatically on the Drop Box, Google Drive, One drive, with the sync option.

Being a free tool, you can make use of this feature-filled pdf reader for android that is free to download. 

4.Annotate your PDF & More

Sometimes, words don’t express everything and you are tending to look ahead of it.

With XODO’s ultimate feature of annotating your documents, you can make a better and creative update to your documents.

Adding highlights, sticky notes, shapes, freehand drawing, color, and other options to your document, making it fun to read and interesting.

Also, if you wish to change the annotate previously done, you are free to do so, make the color, thickness size, and opacity just the way you desire.

5.Collaborate Seamlessly

The browser extension features for users that come in the app turning your PDF into a systematic online Whiteboard.

The best way you can share your PDF Is through a simple email ID that does not require them to sign up or download the app, simply viewing is possible.

pdf reader android best

Once you publish your documents online on the app, the users that you’ve provided access too can view, collaborate, and see all the annotations made in real-time.

The app gives allowance to only one host to create the account while the rest of the viewers simply need a link to access the PDF files.

6.Multi-Language Option

Not just the English language is what the pdf reader app provides in android, but other popular languages are featured in the app.xodo reader review

This is why one says it to be one of the best productivity apps to install in android.

Languages like Italian, Polish, and Chinese is an addon availability. 

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7.Additional Feature Filled

You can make the Bookmarking of any document page for future viewing.

If you wish to access the files at night, make the night mode on and read comfortably without causing your eye to strain.

You can also crop a page that fits perfectly on your mobile screen for seamless reading.best productivity apps andorid

Vertical scrolling and single or two-page viewing features make it easier for different readers to make the reading of the documents convenient.

If you wish to search a text from the huge document, a detailed search result is possible with additional features like rotation, extreme level zoom, and much more.

8.High Security

Only viewers who have the link to your PDF files can access it, plus with the high security.

It is completely safe to download and secure to operate application that offers numerous features with security as standard.

You won’t be getting spammed with an advertisement, it ensures that you don’t click up unwanted links that pop on the screen and risk your data on the android.

You are safe to go and enjoy the unlimited benefits from this smart pdf reader android for free.


Xodo PDF Reader & Editors the one-stop solution and the best PDF reader to download in android for editing, annotating.

And further to sign, share, and fill the form with no hassle and sync it easily with Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Download from Google playstore

The features are unlimited and it is used for not just the normal students for an assignment but businesses too.

Searching for top productivity apps on android? There is no better app but Xodo PDF Reader & Editors that allow your documents to be saved, secured, and protected.