Spike Email App Review:Get Top-notch Email Privacy For Your Android

Longing for easy access to viewing emails while traveling? Unable to manage your professional and personal email & messaging accounts?

There are amazing apps in recent times that allow you to easily access all the information in one place.

With an array of the app on the store, you may be confused to decide which one is ideal to maintain security and ease in viewing your mails.

You can get it all under one roof with Spike Email messenger, an ideal app to download in android that enhances productivity.

If you are always overwhelmed with several emails, and you have constantly switch between emails, messenger apps, and video calling apps and Calendar? This app does everything perfectly at one time.

What is Spike Mail for Android? 

Until you were never aware of Spike, you used to switch between emails, tasks, notes, chats, and video calls now and then.

This, not just ought to waste your time and energy, but can be tricky and confusing, leading you to miss out on important emails and message amidst all the switching. conversational email app

With Spike email messenger app that can easily be available for android, you get your updated inbox all in one place.

Spike’s magical way of combining all emails in one place can become a lot easier for you to track, check, dispose of, and view emails on the go.

Spike Email App: A Honest Review

1.Simple Emailing

The chaos in your email can be troublesome leading you to miss out on important information.

With the Spike email app, you need not have to be worried about anything.

Instead of wasting your time and energy scrolling through an endless number of emails.

You can easily turn your email viewing experience into a chat conversation.

It is an email that you view but as simple as a chat application, easy to understand, read, and reply seamlessly to everyone in no time.

2.Your Organized Inbox

All your emails and the threads will easily be available under the contacts, this can help you organize your email a little professionally.

The communication you had with the contact, past, and present will be arranged accordingly, giving you ease to access any information in real-time.

The relevant information of the person you wish to talk to will be available right in front of you, their profile, attachment, conversations, file shared everyone under one roof.

3.Conversational Mail Experience

Gone are those days where Email looked like a formal conversation with a formal tone.

Traditional emails to the clients were a thing that belonged in the past, now it is time to communicate with your client through email in a form of conversation.

Talk to people who you wish to like a real-time conversation and not just some traditional mail exchange format.

4.A New Approach

You are likely going to agree with the fact that traditional mailing was a bit confusing.

With spams, repetitive email signature, and clunky unnecessary messages, you were more like trapped in the email.

Ditching the traditional style and discovering the new and modern approach to email allows you to put people of your interest first.

It is easier to talk, communicate, and have a real conversation.

The profile picture of the contact allows you to quickly understand and see who the person is and who is online.

You will also get to know who received the email, or read your message while they are online. 

5.Spike People Mode

There is a mode that is offered in the Spike email app, this is where you can talk to everyone seamlessly.

It is like you are using an instant messaging app where you know the conversation will have a reply in an instance.

Unlike traditional emailing wherein you had to wait for the person to rely on you, without knowing when they will reply.

Whether it is a conversation with the customer, colleagues, clients, it is a perfect way to team up and chat.

6.Easily Viewing

Spike mail provides you a display of the emails that you have recently sent, received, and in a very recognizable format.

This proves that it is easier, quicker, clear, and quite intuitive that anyone can expect from it which makes you have control over your emails just the desired way.

Simply click on any message and it will expand showing you the details and information in the original format.

Plus, the formatting options provided in the toolbar can make you go WOW!

7.Team Work Possible

Whether you wish to sent files, share updates, or collaborate with your team on a project.

All this can happen and it is possible with the help of the Spike emailing app.

You can view it on the same page, in one app, and in real-time.

Whether you have a team that works under the same office or a team situated in a different country.

Nothing seems to disconnect you from collaborating and communicating when you have a mailbox provided by Spike that connects you smartly with others.

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8.Group Chat 

Instead of managing one on one email threads, you can immediately create a group and chat using your email instantly.

Instantly view all the messages, the history, files, and attachment in no time.

Make a group chat experience like never before and do it on the go, no matter you are traveling or busy with a tight schedule, a quick view of all your messages at one spot won’t take up much of your time.


Spike is an ad-free and spam-free emailing experience for your modern-day needs. 

Spike provides email privacy as top-notch and allows you to not experience any wanted mails because they don’t sell, rent, distribute, and even monetize your data.
Your privacy is guaranteed with an experience like never before for all your conversation.


If you want to enjoy viewing and emailing like a conversational style, you will love to download apk of the spike email.

Download from Google playstore

It is designed to meet modern-day needs for your personal and professional email experience.