Smartoffice Review: A Complete Modern Day PDF Tool

Longing for a smart, easy to use, and extremely great pdf reader and editor to download in Android?

With a sleeky design, lightweight size, and one that helps you handle all the document modification, creating, and viewing with no hassle?

SmartOffice is an intuitive, user-friendly app that matches the exact need of today’s modern mobile world.

Not just in personal life but in professional life as well it is needed to have an app that edit, modify, create, view, present as well as share MS office documents.

With complete quality and no hassle, SmartOffice has proven to be the most productive app on android for business and education needs. 

Why do we need such apps for Edit, View & PDF in Android?

In case of emergency when the work calls for immediately submitting a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel file.

You need not have to switch on your Desktop or Laptop to create, present, and share any MS office files.pdf productivity app

With the help of these android based easy to use pdf reader, these extremely effective applications allow you to handle the task through your mobile device.

These apps fit the size of your smartphone, so even if you are traveling or not have access to your desktop, creating, presenting, and sharing documents becomes quick and effective.

Smartoffice: A Complete Modern-day App

1.Work while you are on the Go

Going on a business trip and have no time to Edit a document which is extremely important to you?

You need no desktop or Laptop viewing to edit or modify a file when you have SmartOffice Application.

Convert your document into PDF, view, and make changes without any hassle, share your documents with ease, and through the use of a phone.

This app gives you the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. 

2.A complete MS Office on your phone  

You can easily edit, share, present, and print MS Office documents as well as store it safely. 

Document: Create new documents seamlessly from an array of templates and blank documents. Edit the existing MS documents without any hassle on your smartphone.view pdf sheet

Presentation: View, prepare, and share PowerPoint presentations in no time on your mobile device. Add effects and create an engaging slideshow and view it on the projector.

Spreadsheet: Create a budget, report, expense plan, and other important details while you are on the go.

3.Highly Secure

You can safeguard your documents through password protection that allows only you to edit, modify, delete the documents saved in the app.

You can also ensure that the people you’ve provided the access can view, edit based on the permission given to them.

This way, your documents will be safe and secured without being in the wrong hands.

Make the switch and secure access to your document in no time and with a completely user-friendly interface.

4.Highlight Important Things

Do you wish to annotate a document while you are on a bus or catch a flight? Doesn’t matter with SmartOffice that allows you to quickly annotate the document.

You can also highlight important points, add images, graphics, and other shapes to make your document fun and interesting.

Now, this makes it one of the best productivity apps, a must to download on android that allows you to be efficient, punctual, and work without hassle. 

5.Convert Files and save it on Clouds 

Wondering how to convert MS files to PDF? Why not try to download in your Android devices with the best pdf reader?That allows editing, viewing, and converting in simple steps?

Your wish to convert your office files into PDF becomes possible with Smart office suite

This app features the same and converts your MS documents, be it a presentation, document, or spreadsheet effortlessly.

You can also share the documents via email and link the documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

This way, it ensures that you have securely saved your files and it will be accessible to you on the clouds whenever you need them.

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6.A Flexible Solution

SmartOffice is a complete tool to build and crafter to make your life easier and work productive and quicker.

With an array of formatting options. Charts and tools that are rarely found in any free Android PDF reader app.

This app needs to be downloaded in your smartphone to make your life flexible.

Convert, export, as well as print and save Office documents to PDF format with a flexible approach.

With 30+ languages supported by this app; you can expect a lot more than you think. 

7.Feature Loaded

There are so many amazing features in his free to download PDF reader application available on android.

This app support multi-touch gesture, you can synchronize your documents effortlessly on the clouds.view documents

Not just that, all the format supports unique templates to choose from and make an innovative creation.

The screen display adapts to your smartphone size so viewing becomes possible.

It is a perfect match for your modern-day office needs and does save a lot of time of yours as well.

Lastly, you can also view a document while you are offline, isn’t it amazing?

8.Form Filling

Wish to fill the form through mobile? You can do so and in no time through PDF form filling provided by SmartOffice.

Your digital signature can be through and the form can be filled easily with no office pdf

You need not have to have a Desktop or laptop to fill the form and submit it via email, as this mobile application allows you to do so.

The handwritten signature is something you can make use of and sign documents too.  


Smart Office PDF reader is an ideal, go-to application that you must download and is proven to be the best android application to download for your PDF reader and viewing needs.

With ample features, formats, and tools available for free, you can imagine what wonderful results will be delivered.

Download from Google playstore

SmartOffice reader gives you access to do almost everything on your mobile device without being relied on a desktop or laptop.

Now creating presentation, editing, and sharing a document requires a few finger touches, and its done.