PDF Reader Viewer 2020 For Android:A Honest Review

As paperbacks and hardcovers have become quite costly, I have started reading my books in the softcopy version.

As a bibliophile, who is continuously reading different books, for not just leisure, but also to develop skills, I have searched for free PDF readers for Android.

With my amazement recently, I’ve stumbled upon the PDF Reader Viewer 2020, and I am delighted with its performance.

In my opinion, it is one of the best productivity apps for Android, as its features are making my reading sessions hassle-free.

The details about this app and the reasons why you should also give it a try are down below:

PDF Reader Viewer 2020:Review

You may have used a PDF reader before, but, this mobile-friendly application comes with a few beneficial attributes, which makes it unique in its niche.pdf reader in android

A simple introduction of the app will help you to get an insight about the same and would be easier for us to discuss its features further. 

This specific app is regarded as a tool, which helps you to complete your tasks and manage your document, even when you are on the go.

The blue.swan.dev agency developed the PDF Reader Viewer 2020, with the vision that their app can accentuate your productivity.

Other than that this app is regularly updated, so we can avail the best features with it.

The last update was done in July; thus, if you download it now, you’ll see that the current version is 2.9.4123.

If you are also an Android user, you are in for a treat, as PDF Reader Viewer 2020 is compatible with most Android devices, as it requires at least the 4.0 version.

It also does not take a lot of place in your storage.

The size of this PDF Reader app is only 7.3MB.

A lot of users are satisfied with the app’s performance, and today not only it has a 4.0 rating at Play Store but has also achieved over 1,000,000+. 

Top 7 unique features of PDF Reader Viewer 2020

After getting an overview of the PDF Reader Viewer 2020, it has become easier for you to gather a generic picture of the same.

Other than that, by knowing the specifics of this PDF reader, will also help you to evaluate whether it will be compatible with your Android device or not.

The top 7 features of PDF Reader Viewer 2020 is given below, and by going through them, you’ll understand what makes it one of the best in its niche 


The first that should be noted while discussing why you should also opt for this reader is its impeccable performance.

Once you start using this mobile-friendly software, you’ll see that it provides a throughout steady and fast performance.

Other than that the user interface is straightforward, and when you couple both the features, it becomes a tool that was crafted to increase your productivity. 


The second feature that is useful for any individual is that it allows you to zoom-in and zoom-out at your will.

You can zoom-in the documents with a tiny font, and that will prevent your eyes from any extra pressure. 


After using a PDF, or editing it, you’ll find that the app shows a list of thumbnails.

In simple words, the library of your documents will be visible in the form of thumbnails, which will help you to find your documents with ease.

Other than that, you can organize your file, by its size, name, or event date.

Therefore, the PDF Reader Viewer 2020, also works as a file management tool. 

4.Search text 

PDF Reader Viewer 2020 allows you to find not only just documents but also a section from any file swiftly.

As a user, you only need to insert a specific word, or phrase, to find that particular document.

This, in turn, saves a lot of your time and makes your tasks hassle-free.

Furthermore, you can also jump to another page with this in-built search option.


This amazing PDF Reader comes with some useful editing options.

Suppose you want to make notes from a passage, or make edits in it, with this specific app, you can change fonts, colors of a selected passage, and whatnot.best productivity apps andorid

This PDF reader is not just for reading but is very useful for students, who make notes from such documents.

Other than changing colors, you can also customize the opaqueness of the texts, which will further help you to read your files without putting pressure to your eyes. 

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6.Beneficial tools 

PDF Reader Viewer comes with a few utility tools, which will help you to make changes in your documents.

You can make changes in the file and then highlight it, and once you send the edited version, your peers can easily understand the differences. 

There are options, wherein you can strike through a text or passage.

Further, you can also underline texts, which, in turn, makes this app one of the most productive tools for file editing. 

7.Privacy settings

Once you start using this wonderful pdf viewer, you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your documents.

You can edit your files and send them to your friends, colleagues with ease.

To ensure the utmost security of your files, this app comes with an encrypted security system. 

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Get best pdf viewing experience

In my personal opinion, the PDF Reader Viewer 2020, is one of the most productive apps, I’ve come across so far.

Other than its easily understandable user interface, and useful features, there is one more quality I like about this app.

You do not require a bookmark once you start reading a file.

Even if you close the app, halfway through reading a file, you don’t need to worry.

When you open it again, your file will open at the exact page you left, which makes reading very quickly with this wonderful app.

There are various file managing apps out there, but the PDF Reader Viewer 2020, effortlessly meets your expectations.

You don’t even need a bookmark with this app and save the time you may have wasted in finding a specific page.