Top 10 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android

Since the introduction of PDF, the usage and managing of the same have evolved.

Now, numerous apps have been introduced so you can access your crucial document even when you are on the go.

Hence, it can be said that with the best PDF reader apps for Android, you can not only manage your documents with efficiency, but it’ll also accentuate your productivity. 

Suppose you are an individual who has to manage a plethora of soft copy or digital documents regularly.

In that case, you can go through the following section to download the perfect PDF reader for you.

Top 10 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android


Are you a working professional who handles numerous documents daily? Do you need an app that will help you to get your work done even when you are on a commute?

Then you can certainly get started with PDFelement.productivity apps on android

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One of the best aspects of PDFelement is that it is not only free as a mobile app, but with minimum charges, you can use its beneficial features on your PC as well.

If you can to start using PDFelement you can go through the following features offered by the same:

  • You can annotate your document
  • It allows you to combine your files
  • Fast and simple mode of file sharing

Download from Google playstore

2.ezPDF Reader 

PDF Reader can be considered as a mobile-friendly app that is beneficial for professionals and equally useful for students.

mobile multimedia viewer

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It is a next-generation PDF reader that will help you to execute your usual tasks swiftly, and also a few fun activities, like streaming videos.

Additionally, PDF Reader is compatible with any Android device, as it requires the lowest version of it, and its size is only 27MB.

Before downloading PDF Reader, you can go through the following features:

  • You can annotate your documents
  • The PDF Reader will give you the space to make changes in your files
  • You can watch movies and images directly from it.

Download from Google playstore

3.PDF Reader Viewer 2020

A smart PDF reader that you can download to evaluate your document whenever you want.pdf reader in android

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The PDF Reader Viewer 2020 allows you to view every document in your Android device whenever you want.

Furthermore, you can share such significant documents to someone via email, directly from the app itself. 

If you want to share PDF files swiftly, then you can get acquainted with the top features of PDF Reader Viewer 2020 :

  • When it comes to sharing documents, the speed of PDF Reader Viewer 2020 is impeccable. 
  • You can zoom in and zoom out your documents to get a clear view
  • You can adjust the colours and opaqueness of your documents

Download from Google playstore

4.Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

The niche of FoxitPDF Reader Mobile app is productivity, and it has been favourite amongst a lot of users.edit pdf files

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The reliability and efficiency of this free PDF reader have earned it 4.2 reviews on play store, and approximately 5,000,000+ users.

If you are looking forward to downloading FoxitPDF Reader Mobile app, it will be better to know about its features beforehand:

  • You can convert your PDF files in MS files, HTML files and whatnot
  • It allows you to combine different PDFs 
  • You can include handwritten signature into your PDF files

Download from Google playstore

5.Google PDF Viewer 

One of the most reliable PDF readers that will surely increase productivity by saving a lot of time is the Google PDF Viewer.carrot

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As an Android user, you’ve noticed that Google Drive is pre-installed in your device, and now you can directly view your PDF files through it, as the Google PDF Viewer is linked with the same.

This, in turn, makes the Google PDF viewer one of the best productivity apps on Android. 

Are you looking for a credible PDF with an impeccable privacy setting? Then you can go through the following features offered by the Google PDF Viewer:

  • You can search and instantly find a specific file
  • You can zoom in your documents to get a better view.

Download from Google playstore

6.Adobe Acrobat Reader

One of the most efficient free PDF readers that you can download is the Adobe Acrobat Reader.unlock documents

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You may have used it in your laptop or PC; hence it can be assumed that you are acquainted with its usage.

Nonetheless, to get a clear idea, you can go through the features which are extended by the app:

  • You can collaborate with others by making remarks in the files
  • You can directly share your documents via email without risking privacy.

Download from Google playstore

7.Javelin3 Secure PDF (DRMZ) reader 

Do you also get annoyed by unnecessary pop-ups and advertisements when you use an app? With Javelin3 Secure PDF reader, you will not face such issues.view multiple pages at a time

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Furthermore, Javelin3 Secure PDF reader comes with a Drumlin Security’s encryption which will protect the privacy of your files.

The following features of Javelin3 Secure PDF reader will help you to understand more about this mobile-friendly software:

  • You can swiftly access your files and download them
  • It allows you to view multiple pages at a time

Download from Google playstore

8.Xodo PDF Reader & Editor 

If you are a professional who manages a plethora of files, Xodo PDF Reader and Editor can be your go app.annotate in pdf

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This artificial intelligence-powered app not only lets you execute your tasks but it also automatically saves your file on Google Drive.

To know more, you can go through the following features:

  • Other than Google Drive your documents can be synced with Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • You can directly fill forms and sign in any document.

Download from Google playstore

9.Gaaiho PDF Reader 

Gaaiho PDF Reader is one of the best free apps for Android devices, as it consists of various beneficial features.simple user interface

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Mainly Gaaiho is known for 2 reasons, such as:

  • It’s an impeccable and simple user interface
  • It delivers high-quality documents.

Though it is known for the mentioned reasons, if you are interested, you can go through its features:

  • Offers excellent tools to edit files.
  • You can easily search for any previously added document.

Download from Google playstore

10.Smart Office PDF reader app

An app with a 3.9 rating, Smart Office comes with various useful features.

If you are looking for software that will make managing files easier, you can download this free app for your Android device.documents view edit in pdf app

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The user interface of Smart Office is very comprehensible; therefore, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this app.

The useful features, which comes with Smart Office, are as follows:

  • You can edit, annotate and add sections in your documents
  • To be useful for everyone, it supports more than 15 languages.

Download from Google playstore


In conclusion, it can only be said that as a working professional, you require software which will help you to get your job done in any environment.

By downloading any of the mentioned PDR Reader apps for Android devices, you can make your work faster, and be productive throughout the day.