Best Free Music Maker Apps for Android 2020

Many people are born with the talent of extracting music out of anything and attaching themselves completely to the world of audio.

Some of us love to make music of our own, go one step further, and enhance it just the way we like.

To lighten up their dream, you can easily access and create your magical melodies with the help of music maker apps for android. 

What is a music maker app?

It is an easy way to create and tune into your musical melody with amazing beats, tracks, by adding unique sounds and rhythm to make your entire music creating process, seamlessly.

Well, it is true that without doing proper research you won’t be able to land up at an ideal app and download the wrong one instead.

Top 13 Free Music Maker Apps for Android 2020

With thousands in the criteria, we have arranged the best music maker app for you to download easily on the play store.


If you are a beginner or an intermediate, you will love how this one of the best music maker apps provide immediate beatmaker and a simple introduction to the world of music creation.beatmaker app

it provides a clean and understandable user-friendly interface with a collection of high-quality samples to make you addicted to this app in no time.

The huge range of soundtracks enables you to create a sound worth sharing.

Almost any genre songs are provided from EDM to Hip hop in this.

Download from Google playstore

2.Song Maker

A unique and interesting app to edit, create, and enjoy your musical composition in a versatile manner, Using the great features allow you to groove into your own best track and start composing.edit record your voice

Combine different sounds, for a new song, use a different format, and become a pro in the musical world.

You can use effects like fade-in, cut, repeat, edit record your voice, add your beat, and a lot more.

Download from Google playstore

3.Music Maker Jam 

If you are an avid music lover and quite into r&b, hip-hop, and other beat format music, then Music Maker JAM is one of the best apps for making music on apps for making music on android

It lets you create music effortlessly at your place with a user-friendly interface, spectacular real-time effects, voice and mixed, and a lot more.

With a perfect mix of the 8-channel mixer, add life to your party with your song and blow your audiences’ minds.

Download from Google playstore

4.Drum Pad Machine

You are not restricted to limit your creativity when you have a Drum pad machine app which is meant to give you the freedom of choice to stream through a range of musical melodies.make beats

You can make unlimited music, add beats, loops, different sounds through instruments, and also the finger drumming option can give a great feel to your music.

If you wish to take an idea, there are unlimited samples and beats provided to you to so record, enhance your creativity, and share it amongst your friends. 

Download from Google playstore

5.Beat Maker Pro

The easiest way to master the art of creating musical melodies beats in no time.versatile music maker apps for android

You need not have to learn how to use this one of the versatile music maker apps for android.

It is easier to handle, quick to understand, and super fun to make music your choice.

The unlimited features include rhythm feedback, HD studio quality, rhythm feedback, colorful drum pad designs, and a sound pack that gets added about every week.

Download from Google playstore

6.Splash – Music & Beat Maker

Drive into the magical experience of music-making with features like Triggers, effect and layer beats, bass-lines, along with the melodies, vocals, and FX loops all together creating a masterpiece of and beatmaker apps

This app is an ideal choice for budding music creators and pro beat makers.

Now music making is fun and interesting with Splash music and beatmaker. 

Download from Google playstore

7.Band Lab

BandLab is not just a source of creating music, but also an inspiration to explore and encourage talented artists, genre, and a collection so versatile.dubstep

You can become your DJ, apply a medley of effects and filters, start music editing with a track packed with customization.

Dive into the millions of soundtracks and a bundle of the collection with genre like EDM, dubstep, garage, house, rock, etc. 

Download from Google playstore

8.Loop Maker Pro

Experiment with a beatmaker and learn how you can rock the beats just music maker apps

This one of the great music maker apps for android takes you through a starting step to making you a pro in music-making.

Ever wished to become a DJ of your song and tune the audience into your music?

Let your sound strike them to start tapping out their feet and a mix of tune notes that are quite fascinating to hear.

Download from Google playstore 

9.Walk Band

If you wish to try out an all in one app to cater to your overall audio needs, it is best to download the Walk bank app on apps for making music on android

An excellent app that features music production through a guitar, drum, keyboard, and other virtual instruments too, boosting out your creative side just perfectly. 

Download from Google playstore

10.Music Studio Lite

This music-making app comes with great storage, discover millions of tracks, create personalized streaming, all at a single spot.musci production apps

Music maker app is ideal entertainment and creative source for music creators of any level.

Download from Google playstore

11.Groovy Loops

A true music app to bring your inner DJ out by experimenting with a wonderful sound pack library, unique beta, loops, and Smart synchronization along with sound effects.sound packs

It is a compact and lightweight music studio that doesn’t take up much space but helps you record voice tracks, edit any track, and make it funny and interesting.

Download from Google playstore


You get all your sound synchronized, with tune and rhythms that never let you go off track.produce remix

Within a few clicks, you get all your mix pads to produce remix, music just the way you desire.

You can make beats on the go, choose from a range of Genre, navigate through samples, and groove easily.

Download from Google playstore

13.Jambl: Beat Maker

Create a mind-blowing tune in seconds! You can please your dear one with the tune that you create with awesome beats, effects, and producer apps

It is an ultimate creativity booster and one of the best apps for making music on android for your music needs.

Features like a smart note looper system, delicious beats, will help you make jam session with your friends.

You are your music producer and you can record your voice and have a great time. 

Download from Google playstore


These talents are remaining hidden until and unless there is no possible solution to creating solid music without a useful instrument.

With the help of these apps, you can uncover the real potential of being an artist in you.