Javelin Pdf Reader Review:A Powerful Pdf Tool To Android Users

One of the most used software in today’s world is a PDF reader. It is used by students, professionals, avid readers of all ages.

Previously it was only available on your PC or laptop; however, with advanced data science, such softwares are now also available on our Android devices so that we can complete our tasks on the go.

Therefore, it can be mentioned that these apps are crafted to boost our productivity. 

Some of these apps only work as a reader, and some have versatile usage.

If you are an Android user, you can go for Javelin3 Secure PDF reader.

It is considered to be one of the best productivity apps in its niche, as it comes with various beneficial features and tools.

Specifications of Javelin3 Secure PDF reader

Before getting to know about its useful features, let’s look into its specifications.

By understanding the specification, you can evaluate if it is going to be compatible with your device or not.

Drumlin Security Ltd. offers this PDF reader for Android, and it requires 14NB in your storage.pdf reader android free download

Other than that, it requires a minimum 4.0 version of Android to function correctly.

Hence, it can be assumed that it is compatible with most devices.

It should be said that this mobile-friendly app is free and easily downloadable on Play Store.

Further, given its usefulness, its contents are rated around 3+ on the same platform.

To provide us with the best features, it is regularly updated, and the current version of this PDF reader is 3.00.51.

Top 5 features of Javelin3 Secure PDF reader 

After evaluation, if you think that this PDF reader is best suited for your device, then it will be best if you knew about the top features offered by the same.

The top 5 features of Javelin PDF reader is laid below –

Top-notch display

One of the most noteworthy features of Javelin is that it can handle PDF files and secure them simultaneously.

It can also manage over 1000s of pages at a time. In this section, the Javelin3 also offers a fast page display, which will come handy when you need to complete your tasks on the go.

Furthermore, it renders zoom in and zoom out and page layout options and swift text searching.

It is also suitable for annotation, as the documents can be marked up. 

Next-gen versatility 

The point of versatility comes for Javelin because it can be installed on any Windows platform.

This includes every latest 32- and 64-bit MS Windows versions, and the current dotNet installation.

Other than that, Mac OSX can also be installed utilizing virtualization facilities such as Parallels.best productivity apps andorid

One of the best parts of this free PDF reader is that it provides touch screen gestures that are supported for selected devices such as the Microsoft Surface Laptop.

Furthermore, you’ll be thrilled to know the addition of the target filename can directly open different files to the command line. 

File download and catalogue facility

In this category, there are two sub-sections, as Javelin offers an outstanding option to download multiple files, along with creating a catalogue to manage your files.

Thus, it can be said that Javelin3 is not only a good PDF reader but also an excellent file manager. 

Downloading facility

This app comes with a built-in downloader, which you can access through the download or file icon.

This, in turn, helps you to download your files swiftly.

Other than that, you can also save secured files by using a designated web browser.

After completion of this process, your file will be stored in a specific folder.

It should be mentioned that you need to insert confirmation codes to open any newly-downloaded file. 

Facility to make catalogue  

You might be wondering what is so special about this attribute? Well, Javelin3 is not like many PDF readers which only helps to manage your file, and this category significantly will update the available entries, including a plethora of downloaded files.

Other than that, it comes with a few useful tools, such as reverse, closing the catalogue facility.

The toggle icon is also available, which will help you in refreshing and displaying the catalogue in list or grid view. 

An array of pdf tools 

Javelin3 comes with some unique tools, and each of them has equally useful functions.

The tools and their functions are as follows:

Open file

This will allow you to open a secured PDF file.

Other than that a single document can also be opened at a time, as this will not allow you to open multiple documents altogether.


After completion of work, you can close your current document and return to the main screen.pdf reader android free downloadSave

It allows you to save changes in any document, which can be done for either annotation or forms.


Javelin3 comes with a built-in file downloader


With the help of this attribute, you can print PDF files, and in case of secured files, you are required to execute printing through physical devices.

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Search text facility

You can search for any document or even line swiftly with this tool.

Excellent security facility 

This productive app provides access control to secured PDF by using authorization codes or device-specific license, which is managed via their DRM Server.

Other than that from Javelin pre-authorized 3.01.13 version DRMZ file access is also supported.

Furthermore, you’ll be pleased to know that permission controls are also accessible using Drumlin Publisher.

This includes copy/paste protection, save as protection, date expiry, on-screen and on-print intelligent watermarking and screen capture protection, and whatnot.

This, in turn, Javelin PDF reader one of the most productive apps for Android.


In conclusion, it can be said that Javelin3 Secure PDF reader is a next-gen productivity app for Android user.

Download from Google playstore

It comes with an array of beneficial features and has rendered various useful tools, which has made working in this file very easy.