Google Pdf Viewer Review: Handle Your Pdf Files In Powerful Way

As a professional who has to deal with numerous documents, I’ve always struggled to manage those soft copies in my device.

I was looking for a mobile-friendly, which will help me to manage my documents, through my phone and be equally fast as any software we use in our PC.

Suddenly I stumbled upon a free app, called Google PDF Viewer, and since then it has accentuated my productivity.

If you are an individual who also needs an easily downloaded PDF reader you can go through the passages down below:

Google PDF Viewer:Overview

Our work is getting digitized, and we are subjected to manage soft copies, comprised of crucial documents.

Thus, considering the present scenario, Google LLC introduced one of its best productivity apps for Android devices a while ago.

It is a next-gen PDF reader, which you can install from the Play Store and can use it via your phone or tablets.pdf reader on android

This app was mainly crafted for a work program; hence it holds a few useful features to meet your expectations. 

To make it compatible with every device, this app does not have a fixed size, version or a minimum version Android version. Such specifications vary in each phone.

However, you don’t need to worry about its performance, as it is regularly updated.

Other than that, the new update is specially crafted to fix any bug that you may incur while receiving any digital file.

However, it should be mentioned that once you download this app, you will not find an icon for the same, and it will become an in-built feature.

This may not be suitable for some individuals. Nevertheless, a lot of users prefer an in-built app, which allows them to read their documents swiftly. 

Top features of Google PDF Viewer

After knowing the specifications and a few anecdotes about this PDF reader, comes the part where you’ll be introduced with its excellent features.

By going through the features of this app, you’ll understand why it is considered to be the best in its niche.

The top attributes of this specific PDF viewer are as follows:

1.Simple User Interface

As mentioned before, this PDF reader has been developed especially for work; thus, the user interface is made very simple.

It will allow you to work efficiently, even if you are not tech-savvy.pdf reader android free download

Other than that, once you open PDF from your device, it will automatically change to the Google PDF Viewer, and allow you to complete your tasks right away. 

2.Impeccable speed 

One of the main reasons why this app is considered to be the best PDF reader for Android is that it is extremely fast.

It will swiftly convert within a blink of an eye, and you can read, search, scroll, at your own pace, without making a fuss.

It also allows you to print your documents smoothly with a connected printer. 

3.All-around view 

This specific feature will come in handy when you are working on a commute.

You don’t need to worry about the view, as it is optimized with both portrait and landscape view.

Furthermore, this app will allow you to view two pages at once, with ease.

Hence, this the app you should be used when you need to complete your tasks on the go.

To give you a clear view, the search bar of this PDF reader does not require a lot of room, and so does the keyboard.

You can remove the search bar at your will, to get a complete view of your documents. 

Best advantages of using Google PDF Viewer

I have been using this PDF reader for a while, and in my opinion, there are a few advantages of using it.

pdf reader for android free downloadThe benefits of this app are as follows:

1.The interface is suitable for both phones and tablets.

2.The view of the document is of high quality.

3.It is really fast and optimized, which has helped to increase my productivity.

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A powerful PDF reader for Android

I find this PDF reader to be very effective and equally productivity apps andorid

It may not include various features, like editing, annotation, etc. and is only crafted for PDF viewing.

Nonetheless, It lives up to its name and provides a top-notch PDF reading experience.

There are a few attributes of this PDF reader that makes it special are:

1.Its option for smart searching 

2.You can read your documents with fast scrolling.

3.It allows wireless printing of your PDF files.

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that the Google PDF Viewer is an excellent option for individuals who are subjected to go through a humongous amount of softcopies every day.

Download from Google playstore

You can thoroughly read your documents in high quality, or scheme through them with the fast scrolling option.

This app will surely make your work faster, which, in turn, will accentuate your productivity.