Gaaiho Pdf Reader Review:Read Android PDFs To A Whole New Level

PDF readers are one of the most used softwares in an organization, which makes it one of the most productive tools for this sector.

However, in 2020, when you are mostly working from home, you require a free mobile-friendly application which will not only be PDF reader but which will also allow you to make changes and annotate.

Therefore, your go-to app can be the power-packed app, known as Gaaiho PDF reader.

Gaaiho PDF reader:Specifications

This specific PDF reader is developed by ZEON CORP, an organization which has over 20 years of experience in this niche.

Hence it can be mentioned that the developers have crafted this app to boost your PDF reading

If you are an Android user, then you are fortunate and will find this app to be compatible with your device. Why?

Because it only requires at least 3.0 version and it will only occupy 16MB of your storage space. 

Gaaiho PDF reader is regularly updated to provide us with the most efficient utility features, and the current version of this app is 1.8.2.

If you are wondering about the efficiency of this app, it can be said that it already has a 4+ rating on the Play Store.

Gaaiho:Read Android PDFs To A Whole New Level

It will be best if you knew about the features of this mobile-friendly beforehand and then started using it.

It will help you to understand why Gaaiho is considered to be one of the best PDF reader apps on Android, and what makes it stand out in the crowd.

The top features of this easily downloadable and features-pact pact app are down below:

Top-notch PDF view

The very first feature that will help you to understand why Gaaiho is the most useful for your official purposes is its top-notch page view.

Once you get started, you’ll notice that it has an outstanding loading speed, which will help you during meeting deadlines.

Other than that to ensure the privacy of your documents, your files will be password protected.edit bookmark

It will allow you to zoom in and zoom out at your will.

Furthermore, you can customize your view and select any mode of file viewing, such as -single page, text flow, or continuous. 

You’ll be amazed to know that you can search for any file by only typing the keywords, or jump to any document.

This specific app also allows you to bookmark any document so that you can navigate through them swiftly

In this section, the tasks that can be executed are mentioned down below:

1.Switch between day and night modes

You can switch between day and night modes quickly to protect your eyes.

2.Supports text reflow

It supports text reflow, which helps to keep the original font and format of your files.

3.View any PDF package, comment, attachment

It allows you to view any PDF package, comment, attachment and encrypted document.

4.Click on any page number

You can click on any page number, enter a number and go to the corresponding page.

Smooth file managing and sharing 

Gaaiho is not like any other PDF reader; it is also an excellent file manager.

There are two file lists offered by the same, such as – “Recent” and “Documents”.PDF Viewing

It will help you to manage the files efficiently and find your PDF with ease.

There are a few things that can be done in this section, like:


You can rename any document.

2.Select and delete

It allows you to select and delete multiple documents.

3.Select one or multiple documents

You can swiftly select one or multiple documents to share.

In the aspect of sharing, it can be said that you can synchronize your files with DropBox or connect the IP address with your cloud storage and share them directly.

You can do the following things in this section :

4.Get access to documents

You can get access to documents in Gaaiho PDF Reader or upload documents from the web. This, in turn, will help you to break the barrier between the computer and your mobile.

5.Documents in and out of Dropbox

You can get your documents in and out of Dropbox with ease.

6.WebDAV servers to upload

It allows you to include WebDAV servers to upload and/or download documents swiftly.

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Excellent PDF annotation 

The most exciting feature of this free productive PDF reader is that it comes with an array of useful tools for annotation.

You can add comments on the file, using tools like highlights, cross out, underline, and you can also include sticky notes.

Other than making annotations, you can also manage them by using color texts. The tasks that can be done are listed below:

1.Add and remove comments

You can add and remove comments whenever you want. Other than that it allows you to add comments anywhere in your file.

2.Help you with annotation

The variety of draw tools like line, arrow, rectangle and oval, will help you with annotation.

3.Mark up the content with customizable color

You can use the mentioned draw tools to mark up the content with customizable color, thickness and opacity. Further, you can also undo such changes. 


In conclusion, it can be that it is best suited for Android devices.

Further, as it is free and easily downloadable, it can be of use to numerous users.

This is a next-gen app, which not only comes with beneficial features, but it also offers a unique and straightforward user interface.

Download from Google playstore

It should also be mentioned that it also has an impeccable speed, which helps you to execute your tasks without any hassle, which, in turn, makes Gaaiho PDF reader unique and one of the best productivity apps in its niche.