Ezpdf Reader Review:Get Amazing PDF Features In Your Hand

The uses of PDF readers are not hidden, they are greatly providing one an experience of reading documents with ease.

You can make multiple uses of it like storing and viewing document for business, electronically making notes, sensitive files protection with secured interface.

With an array of options available in the market for pdf readers, one must make a wise decision by ample of researching and knowing which one is useful.

The best pdf reader for android should be such that it provides vast benefits. But what makes Ezpdf an ideal option? 

Why PDF Readers are essential? 

1.Filling ready to fill forms

Different people from different industries come across the need for filling forms typically to gain information.

If we use paper here, the wastage could be unlimited and thus pdf comes as a great alternative Creating fillable forms seem easier, the survey can be conducted seamlessly and information gathering is quite advanced.

pdf reader android best
ezPDF reader features

You need not have to print the form and then take the survey; it can be done through electronic modes.

2.Securing Sensitive Documents

One of the coolest pdf readers in the android provides extreme security guaranteed to your documents.

What if your length and highly crucial document get stolen? Your hard work and efforts contributed could be spoiled miserably leaving nothing and no hopes but to restart your work from scratch.

A pdf reader won’t let you be in any circumstances like this, you are accessing the document with safe password protection.

Only those who are aware of the password can access the files advance limitation can be added too. 

3.Search Files Quickly

For business, this feature is the most adored one of all as it can be overwhelming to go through several files to find the ideal one.

The process gets intimidating and highly time-consuming too as one needs to dig in through an ample of files from the device.

With PDF reader, as the name goes by, you can easily read the file that you want out of the many that are saved in it.

One can arrange, sort out and create alphabetically ordered files so getting your hands on the right ones become simpler. 

4.Comments & Annotation

Smart Pdf reader available on android is extremely useful for book lovers who are always in the look to reading and exploring new books.

It is very common amongst book finder to mark and quote their favorite line or page in the novel and leave a comment.

With that being the need, a pdf reader offers you the feature, like it is made only for you.

You can comment on the document or book and also highlight it, leave a note so you’re aware of the purpose of your markings.

Ezpdf Reader:What makes it a wonderful pdf reader?

1.Multimedia PDF viewing

Looking for pdf reader for android that is best for multitasking and multimedia accessing? This is the right one to get your hands on.

One of the greatest benefits of getting your hands on this PDF reader is its multimedia pdf viewing capacity.best productivity apps for android

It is the world’s first-ever page-flipping multimedia PDF viewer that offers a fantastic opportunity for users to flip and go through pages at ease.

2.One spot for all documents

You need not have to have different documents saving at different places, store it in Ezpdf and make a more useful approach to having all at one spot.

If you wish to search a document from the many you’ve saved in it, the searching becomes easier.

You can name a file, order it and arrange it alphabetically so finding the right one is very clear. 

3.Form filling and Much more

When you use the PDF reader app on android you can quickly open the form, fill it out, add your desired image if you wish to, even sign a document through the free handwriting option.

Every task that was once needed to be done manually is done through electronic mode seamlessly.pdf reader on android

The forms that you fill can be sent over to another person via email, imagine it is that simple.

It also supports text to read feature exalt like an audiobook, by reading the text in the document. 

4.Feels like reading a book

While you use it, you will notice that the look and feel are exactly like reading an actual book.

Imagine how a book when opens allows you to read 2 pages at the same time, that’s how the Ezpdf lets you experience.

A page-flipping effect is provided and 2 pages are showcase on the screen like a book.pdf reader android free download

The 2-page view is the most sorted feature of all, you can merely flip the page with the flipping effect, it is seamless, quick, and interesting. 

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5.Mark your document

If you are an avid reader, this feature will pretty much impress you a lot.

You can highlight as well as underline any line, quote that you wish to read later.

For book lovers highlighting is the most important thing because any line that attracts us is saved by highlighting it.

Since highlighting is provided, you can read the pdf with ease and simplify the way you wanted.

It becomes quite efficient to remember where you were last left while reading, the highlighter can remind you. 

6.Input Through various modes

This one is said to be one of the best android apps for productivity and performance and for several reasons.

You are not just restricted to text input like any other pdf reader provides. It also accepts freehand writing and drawing both.

You need not have to open a text program in between; freehand drawing and writing make your time convenient. 

One of The Coolest Pdf Reader for Android

When you install the Ezpdf reader for android that provides free download option allows you to contribute your bits to saving paper and going paperless.

Download from Google playstore

Easy to customize and fit the size of your mobile device too.

There is nothing better or smarter than going digital and saving papers.

It is a lot useful for businesses to access, store, view, and organize the document with ease.