Blue Mail For Android Review:Organize all your emails

Do you manage multiple emails? Are you tired of switching through multiple email addresses? Do you think it is extremely boring and tiresome to jump from one app to another?

If you are nodding to all the questions asked here, there is an extremely great solution to your problem.

You can organize all your emails in one place.

There is no need for you to switch different email addresses as you can walk through all of them at a spot.INTEGRATED CALENDAR

BlueMail is a versatile app to download for android that comes with a list of benefits and advantages.

It gives you great ease and no more switching, exactly like you’ve expected.

Why is BlueMail the best?

BlueMail is a free, universal, and beautiful design android app giving you the ability to manage an unlimited number of mail accounts in a matter of time, regardless of the email provides is different.SMART EMAIL

Users get the opportunity to design and choose a theme format, customize the app based on their liking.

In addition to the gorgeous aesthetic and customizable option provides, users, get to access many email apps like Gmail, YahooMail, and even Microsoft account for that matter.

Bluemail App For Android Review

1.One App All Email 

Switching between emails can stress you and lead you in missing out on important information, emails, and messages.

If you have multiple email accounts, personal and professional from different service providers, it is even worst to access through different providers.

But when you have Bluemail, you need not have to bother as it magically brings all emails accessed at one spot.

Bluemail android app supports many providers like Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo mail, Exchange, and even outlook.

You can add as many emails as you have after downloading the blue mail app on Android

2.Boost your Productivity

If you are a professional person, or a businessman, there is no denying that you are always stuck up with a dozen of work.

There don’t seem to be enough time to access emails and even reply to them, and at times when you want to access important mail, you are lost in dozens of mail and email providers.ORGANIZE EMAIL

With Bluemail you aim to have the best productivity Android app that gives you the spam filter option.

The people filter helps you access only important people mail on priority, so there is less time wasted. 

3.Grouping of mail

The group mail feature is the most talked about and the best of all!

If you wish to create an office group, colleagues’ group, staff, or friends’ group on your android phone for any purpose, you are allowed to do so with the BlueMail app.

The mail you sent to the group will be available to all the members you have added to the group.

This way, you need not have to select people one by one, simply mail it in the group, and everyone receives it.

It saves your time, energy and nobody misses out. 

4.Customization at its peak 

With a wide range of appealing visual customization and technical as well, you can make the most out of this amazing app.

The action bar, menu, button, color, and theme, everything is in your hand and totally of your desired optimized

You have the powerful capabilities to handle your team in the manner you wish, whether you want the dark mode, a colored theme, or a blue professional look on your android app, BlueMail helps to be the answer.

In fact, each email sender can be allocated an avatar, if the person doesn’t have any, you can allot them easily.

This allows you to have a glance at the avatar and understand if the message is urgent or no? 

5.Complete Security Guaranteed

No matter how amazing the features of an email app are, if there is no privacy and security guarantee, the app doesn’t seem to be attractive.

With the BlueMail app, you need to worry the least as it provides you complete security.

The privacy and security that you expect from the real service provider, the exact same professionalism will be provided by the aim.

This is the reason you will be away from unwanted ads or any threat associated with revealing information from your account.

6.Fix battery draining issue

Running an app is obviously going to impact on your battery performances by draining it to the most.

In such cases, you might restrict yourself from downloading any email app like this, but the smart part of BlueMail is its dark mode function.adaptive design

If you switch yourself to the dark mode, the whole user interface and experience will get into the dark mode that looks great, plus it is the best way to save battery.

BlueMail is designed to provide your battery drain issue with a closure.

7.Task Reminder & Calendar

Human is prone to forgetting things and making errors, but with technological advancement, one can make a lot more use of it and become PRO!

You might have forgotten paying electricity bills, or any other payment. Although you are taking care of several things you may still forget a few.

With Bluemail tasks function, it allows you to put any mail into the task list.

Further, it will provide you a reminder of the scheduled task, so you never miss out on anything important.

The list of benefits goes on and on! There are endless reasons why you need to think of this app as the only way of handling multiple email accounts. 

Download the BlueMail app now! 

Still, wondering what is blue mail and why to download it on your android? Not really! This guide definitely has given you a clear perspective and review of the app.

Download from Google playstore

This productivity app will give you a chance to be more organized, punctual, and keep a keen eye on important dates and messages. 

Download the Blue mail apk on your android phone, see the results instantly and focus on your work more and hassle less.