Top 13 Best Email Apps For Andorid Users

From the very inception, email became one of the most significant parts of our daily work.

Other than work, email is used for numerous reasons; from sharing messages to newsletters.

Given its importance, a few apps have been developed for Android devices.

Such application softwares will provide you with a better experience and make you productive throughout the day.

If you are an individual who also uses email regularly, you use it to go through the following sections and download one amongst the best email apps for Android.

13 best email apps for android

1.Samsung Email

If you are a user of Samsung mobile, you’ll find that it is pre-installed in your phone.BEST EMAIL INTERFACE

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Initially, a lot of users were sceptical about using this app over Gmail; nonetheless, its performance has changed their minds.

Today Samsung Email has over 1,000,000,000+ users and 4.5+ rating in the Play Store.

Further, it should be added that it does not support PC, and it requires a minimum of version 8 of Android devices. 

Download from Google playstore

2.Gmail App

One of the most trustworthy email apps that have ever been introduced, Gmail App, now has over 5,000,000,000+ users.PRODUCTIVE APPS

If you’ve used Gmail on your PC or laptop, you are going to love using it in your Android device.

This mobile-friendly application allows you to read and reply to your emails both in online and offline mode.

Thus, making one of the best email apps. 

Download from Google playstore

3.Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo Mail App is more of managing application software which helps you to sort out your emails, even if you use Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Outlook, etc. CONNECT ALL EMAIL ACCOUNTS

The niche of this mobile-friendly software is productivity; hence it is regularly updated to provide us with its best features.

In 2020 where you are subjected to work from home, this free email app can be your saviour and help you to manage your inbox more efficiently. 

Download from Google playstore

4.Mail wise

Mail Wise renders another application software that allows you to sort your emails.CLUTTER FREE MESSAGING

Email exchange by MailWise will let you use multiple email accounts from these specific apps.

Therefore, judging by its productivity, Forbes has chosen this app as one of the 7 great apps that will simplify your life.

Email exchange by Mail Wise comes with numerous beneficial features. 

Download from Google playstore


Suppose you have two different email IDs, one is for personal usage, and the other is for business purposes.ALL MAILS IN ONE PLACE

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You can access both of these email addresses from this specific Android email app.

Further, it should be mentioned that your emails’ privacy is protected with AquaMail, as it does not save your password of the different email servers, and allows you to use the app independently. 

Download from Google playstore


You can not only connect different email addresses through Spike but also reply to messages without switching.

conversational email app

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In simple words, Spike allows you to manage your tasks, respond to group chats and read emails simultaneously.

With Spike, you can connect multiple calendars, create a to-do list, and execute other such functions that will boost your productivity.

Download from Google playstore

7.Blue Mail

A sophisticated app that allows you to connect multiple email accounts under one interface, Blue Mail has a 4.6+ rating in Play Store.CLEAN DESIGN

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You can customize your email outlet and avail push email notifications.

Further, it renders a feature called People Toggle, which allows you to reduce the clutter of your inbox.

As it enables you to respond to not only just group chats but also smoothly reply to group emails, it has over 5,000,000+ users.

Download from Google playstore


In the aspect of size, EasyMail can be considered as a lightweight email app for Android app for privacy

This free mobile-friendly software will allow you to synchronize multiple email servers in one interface.

Hence, you’ll be able to multitask and be equally connected in any of your email accounts. Further, it can be added that this app comes with a spam filter, that will keep unnecessary email at bay.

Download from Google playstore

9.Email by Edison 

The Edison Software introduced email to help you in managing your inbox.MANAGE UNLIMITED EMAIL

You’ll be able to manage numerous accounts seamlessly from one application; thus making it one of the best productivity apps out there.

Other than that, you can customize your inbox, search bar and notifications.

This, in turn, will help you to see only the necessary contents.

Email by Edison software comes with impeccable privacy settings, so you don’t need to worry about the security of your data. 

Download from Google playstore


An email client that is mainly designed to boost the productivity of professionals.BEST WAY TO MANAGE EMAIL

You can not only manage your inbox, but with the smart extended by this app, you’ll be able to prioritize them accordingly.

It will mark the critical mails, so you can read them first once you open the app.

Spark comes with some useful tools, which helps you to do the following tasks:

  • Undo sent email
  • Snooze mail
  • Pin emails
  • Send mail later 
  • Advanced mail search

Download from Google playstore

11.Microsoft Outlook

One of the most advanced email providers, Outlook, comes with various excellent features, which helps you to manage not just emails but different tasks.advanced email providers

It allows you to synchronize contacts, calendar, which makes it one of the best email apps for Android.

Other than that, Outlook helps you to manage various files, such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and whatnot.

Further, you can send such documents to not only different email accounts but also on platforms like TEAM, Zoom. 

The size and minimum version differ in each device, but it is safe to assume that bit is compatible with every Android phone.

Considering how it can accentuate your productivity, it now has over 100,000,000+ users and 4.4+ rating in Play Store.

Download from Google playstore


To provide you with a top-notch email experience TypeApp LLC has introduced its email app for Android push notification

This free app can be customized by users according to their preference so that they can get their job done with ease.

TypeApp comes with various useful features, such as:

  • It has rendered fast push notification
  • You can configure texts
  • You can synchronize your calendar and contacts.

Download from Google playstore

13.Nine mail 

Finally, the email app that you can download in your Android device to manage your inbox is the Nine Mail app.AMAZING APPS ANDROID

In 2019 Nine Mail bagged the position among the best apps by Play Store.

Other than that it already has 4.4 rank on the same platform and 1,000,000+ users.

A few points that should be mentioned is that this app is not free, and its size is 44MB. 

Other than that Nine Mail requires a minimum Android version of 5.

Like a few other apps, it also lets you synchronize with contacts and calendar; however, its privacy settings makes it different.

It provides S/MIME integration as a security measure.

Download from Google playstore


To conclude, it should be mentioned that there are numerous options when it comes to opting an email app for your Android device.

However, one should not forget to check what features they’ll get in them.

The apps mentioned as above are designed to make your emailing experience better, and simultaneously increase your productivity.