Best Android Music Equalizer Apps 2020

There are quite prominent equalizer apps for android in the market that one can easily download from the play store.

Since the past few years, android has seen and undergone various developments to enhance the experience of users.

However, in recent times, the increase in the demand for a music app, live podcast, and streaming, is witnessed to a greater extent.

This has resulted in a huge preference for the best android music equalizer apps. 

Why do we need music equalization?

To make sure an effective solution for sound is experienced, to enhance the overall sound enhancement for smartphones, users are seen downloading the best equalizer apps in android that suits their desire.

Best music equalizer apps for android 

Here is a guide that is adapted with some genuinely solid equalizer support, so if you wish to have more control over your chosen music you can read this article.


Are you an Audiophile and want to hear something extremely new and stunning? Spotify is the best Audio Equalizer App to suffice your music android music equalizer apps

Navigate through the app and find dozens of styles and features to enjoy the best quality sound like never before.

With the bass boost system, it can easily adjust deep sound, provide a natural boost, enjoy an array of the sound present, and much more.

Enjoy unlimited access to music, sync it with your Spotify, and have a great time.

Download from Google playstore

2.Fx Music Player

For louder music and extremely versatile sound quality, along with supporting all formats of music upper, Fx Music Player is your right app.Fx Music Player

It Amplifies sound just like an Amplifier to bring up your mood of excitement.

You can also modify your sound quality through this music equalizer apps for android.

With its ultimate adjuster, it is capable to give you the right boost, sound booster as well as mono, virtual sound along with the powerful Left-Right stereo adjuster.

This overall gives you a versatile sound quality experience to enjoy music seamlessly.

Download from Google playstore

3.Music Volume EQ

An avid music listener always wishes to have a music experience with a sound quality soothing enough that adds to an experience of the listening song in the most versatile manner.Bass Booster Amplifier

You can enjoy the Music Volume EQ app by increasing the volume and a song’s frequency too.

It comes with various present plus you can also modify preset based on your likings.

The theme available on this app is Classic and material both you will enjoy to the core. With that, you can also cherish this app for its exceptional loudspeaker support.

Download from Google playstore

4.Bass Booster & Equalizer

Another very exceptional sound quality and one amongst the best android music equalizer apps is the Bass booster equalizer app for android.Bass Booster & Equalizer

The User Interface of this app is highly interesting along with its bass boost effect which will make you go WOW!

With that, you get amazing 16 colorful themes to choose from and a stereo surround sound effect to give your music a great touch and enhance the overall experience.

All of this will be a great deal and the five-band equalizer access that comes along with this application can also be made use of.

In case you don’t want to change and mess the equalizer, it features 10 preset equalizations too.

Download from Google playstore

5.Equalizer & Bass Booster Music Volume EQ

With awesome sound effects and easy to make your musical experience professional, this is the best audio player tool one must download on their android phones.Free Audio Player Equalizer

You can make use of this app’s features by getting a live audio reading of your current music volume.

There are about 22 equalizer presets and vivid effects like bass boost, virtualizer that provides easy control.

The 3D Surround Sound and customized UI theme will make you fall in love with this app.

Download from Google playstore

6.Dub Music Player

Now listening to your favorite music, news, and podcast and live radio streaming from your favorite station seem possible on Dub Music Player, designed by DJs and top designers.Free Audio Player Equalizer

Have a musical experience with a realistic design that makes you play the best player with a built-in equalizer.

User has the freedom to adjust the sound, creating a playlist, browse through a range of songs, albums, artist, and folder seamlessly.

This app is your go-to music app to meet your music needs with quality sound with built-in 5 band equalizers.

Download from Google playstore

7.Volume Boost, Bass Boost + Equalizer Sound Booster

It is an all in one music equalizer apps for android for a fascinating sound quality that provides features like volume booster, controlling equalizer, bass boost as well as Virtualizer.Volume Boost Bass Boost

If you wish to make it work as a speaker booster, you will love how it connects to a Bluetooth speaker and enthrall your mood superbly.

This one provides 10 presets equalizations, Media audio control, 3D Virtualizer effect, Loudness Enhancer, and a lot more.

Download from Google playstore

8.Music Player – 10 Bands Equalizer

Tune into the extra loudspeaker, with a versatile design, light structure for your phone, and a multi-format that support your android phone equalizer apps for android

It is combined with a 10 bands equalizer built-in, with all the much-needed features like bass boost, reverb effects that bring you a sound effect just the way you want. 

Download from Google playstore

9.Flat Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume Booster

Flat equalizer app is the most powerful, most loved bass, and volume booster for android.Flat Equalizer

It is indeed the most potentially reliable Emulator available on the play store.

You can control the Equalizer FX, Bass Boost, Sound Boost, and Virtualizer all at one spot, you can pair it with your headphone to enjoy music like never before.

Listen to top songs from the music library with the best in audio and bass booster control app for all your musical needs.

Download from Google playstore 

10.Sound Booster, Equalizer, Bass, Music Download

Make your music and video sound professional, play games, stream movies, watch videos all in one place.

Fulfill your musical dreams, improve your audio, and customize with your sound and style that changes the speed pitch, volume, effect, and avoid the hassle.

To experience sound quality extremely engaging, simply pair your good quality headphones and enjoy a realistic approach to your music.

Download from Google playstore


Now that you know the top 10 music equalizer app, you can easily download the one best app that feeds your exclusive needs.

An avid music lover will surely love each of the apps that are provided to you in the list here.