Top 10 Best Android Apps For Music Player 2020

No one would say they hate music. In fact, for some people, music is a part of life.

We all love to listen to songs, with the wide choices available in different genres and language, it is impossible to make all of the collection in one place on your phone.

This is exactly what a good quality music player apps for android features.

The best part of these apps is, it allows you to listen to it for free, with a good internet connection, all your favorite songs are a single app without having to download it.

Top 10 best android apps for music player

If you need apps that stream your favorite music, we have the top 10 best music player apps for the android list exclusively for you!

Below, we help you understand a little more about a few apps before you click on the download from the play store.

1.Pi Music Player

PI Music App features some exclusive and a bag full of interesting features for the users.Free Music Player

It does support the podcast, ringtone cutter as well as YouTube videos, also floating YouTube player is available if you scroll through different apps.

With the help of PI power share, you can seamlessly share your favorite music to your contacts who share the same music taste as you.

The 5-band equalizer along with an intuitive theme is just outstanding.

Download from Google playstore

2.Google Play Music

If you are an avid smartphone user, you are already aware of the most popular choice of all, Google Play Music Player

With a huge collection of 35 million songs genre, a language that supports radio and podcasts as well, this app is an essence to groove you on every beat.

With easy signup and stunning design, you will want you to spend more and more time navigating on this amazing music app.

Download from Google playstore

3.Deezer Music Player

Another praise and download worthy music player app for android is Deezer Music Player for android

It is intended to make your music listening completely exceptional with the download feature where you simply play your songs offline.

It is lightweight, very quick, and quite easy to use, so search freely, listen instantly, and scroll through the latest hit from all across the globe.

Enjoy your time listening to the special podcast and grasp some great themes to make your time on it personalized.

Download from Google playstore

4.Music Player – MP3 Player, Audio Player

Enjoy tuning in to your favorite song with this easy and pretty simple to use interface available only at the Music player app.Browse all songs on android device

It features an equalizer with an extremely interesting sound experience with bass boost, reverb effects, supporting audio of all formats, and much more.

Listening to music on WiFi seems possible, a perfect escape to the online world with only music by your side.

Leave the boredom behind and find yourself dancing and singing along to your favorite song instantly. 

Download from Google playstore

5.Invenio Music Player

Imagine a single music app that supports all the much-needed features like Player, mp3 tag editor, music format converter as well as ringtone cutter, music editor, and sound recorder, along with intelligent music structure assistant.advanced music player

All these features are available on the Invenio Music player, created for the user to enjoy tuning in the world of music for a lifetime. It is an app that gives you songs for every mood.

This apps not just save your battery with improved performance but is your go-to app to make you feel good.

Download from Google playstore

6.Boom: Music Player

This premium quality music app comprises all the much-needed features that intensify your time and get you immersed completely in the musical world.advanced equalizer

It features unlimited options like 3D Surround Sound, advanced Equalizer, and the Intensity slider which allows users to adjust the Bass and Treble.

Your audio listening is totally in your control, you can spend time in your favorite playlist or on Spotify.

Download from Google playstore

7.Nyx Music Player

Loaded with features like EQ, 3D Sound, Tag Editor, Nature Sound, Visualizer, Looper and much more, Nyx Music player has created a benchmark for being the Top 10 in the list of best android apps for music player.Visualizer

With its beautifully crafted theme, design, smooth transition, 6 accent colors as well as volume booster upto 150% you can imagine how fascinating music would feel, like a real-life playing experience.

Download from Google playstore

8.Pulsar Music Player

Packed with an array of features and quite an engaging appearance.

It’s a music player app on android that is designed with mastery, crafted with themes you can pick as your choice.Music visualizer rendering

You can read the lyrical display, adjust the play speed, enjoy advertisement free audio, and get rid of the unwanted boredom without any gaps. 

Download from Google playstore

9.Dub Music Player

Wondering which music app can feature audio enhancing for free?

With an extraordinary sound effect and an Equalizers of 9 different types, Dub music has made a solid entry in the music world.classic player

Make your choice playlist, add any song as your ringtone, enjoy scrolling through a simple interface, and search through an array of artists, genre, the language just in one app.

Download from Google playstore

10.Music Player – MP3 Player & 10 Bands Equalizer

One of the most popular and choice apps that provides a powerful 10 bands Equalizer, is the Music Player- MP3 android apps for music player

You can expect a quality and professional sound effect, so you can expand a wide range of your musical needs and experience a fantastic time on it.

Search your favorite music, play instant songs from different artists, genre, create your old favorite music playlist, and a lot more.

Download from Google playstore


Now that you are aware of the Top 10 music player apps for android, you won’t have any kind of problem struggling to find an ideal song app to suffice your needs and taste.

All of the apps in the list offers exclusive features, offline functionality, a greater theme, and a precisely easy to use user interface.

Pick the one that fits your requirement and download it now to enjoy grooving over your favorite song!