Aqua Mail Review:An Ideal Go-to Application For All Your Email Needs

Everyone wishes to owe an app that allows smooth and smart access to emails on the go.

Whether you have a personal account or a professional email, these apps hold the ability to help you easily access and manage all your mails from one particular spot. 

Wondering which amongst the so many fits to be the most productive app to download in android?

With an ample application available on the Internet, it can put you in a dilemma as all apps come with different features, security protection, and email apps

Aqua mail, a complete productivity app to download in android, an ideal go-to application for all your email needs.

With the high-level security, and email privacy you can easily manage and control your emails from this one complete app.

What Is Aqua Mail for Android?

Is it worth replacing your default app when you have an email that allows you to handle all your mails at one place from different email providers?

Of course, yes, when you have great control over your mails, privacy, security, and backup all modern features in one. all in one emailAn android based email application that gives the user the ability to integrate all email providers in one place.

It provides an easy interface, and use the existing folder structure to draft, sent, synchronize as well as delete and sent messages.

This app interface works with major email servers via standard Internet protocol. 

Aqua Mail Android: A Honest Review 

1.Multiple Email Providers

The best part about this android-based aqua mail app is, it supports mostly all sorts of email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, FastMail, Hotmail, GMX, AOL, Apple, and a lot more.

So, if you have maintained email accounts in more than one email provider, you need not have to worry when you have this app.

You have tighter control over all your accounts at one spot without having to download different applications for each email.

2.Smooth Integration

As this application allows you to be handling your emails which is the connection with 3rd party apps, you can easily have maximum control, synergy, and throughout customization too.dark theme email

Light flow, enhanced SMS, cloud print, Nova launcher, Dashclock widget, tasker and a lot more can be expected to get seamless integration. 

3.Useful Permission

When you download the Aqua app on your android phone, you will have control over all the information that is provided and stored by you.

Before you make any necessary changes concerning storage, calendar, and contacts you will be requested for permission.

For storage, sending, restoring, backup, and saving attachments will require permission.

For Contact, Sender images permission will be asked lastly preview of invites and rejection/acceptance of any event invite permission will be seemed from you. 

4.Privacy Guaranteed

Strong SSL encryption features in the Aqua mail app assures complete privacy.

It allows you to make use of the latest technology and security protocol that guaranteed one with complete security of their data, information, and email traffic over the network.

SSL certificate tracking is another feature that is provided in the app that gives you an extra and much stronger layer to protect the “middle man” which is the intermediary or the threat that may affect the privacy concerns.quick access to emails

You can also be prevented with email spoofing through DKIM and SPF validation that overall make your incoming email more reliable and trustworthy. 

5.Up to date Application

One of the advanced and the best feature in the Aqua mail app is its ability to stay up to date and keep message counts, message list updated to you.

A complete modern based application that allows you to do everything easily.

It directly allows you to sync the calendar and events, format your message response, digital signature.

Not just that, you can also be able to add images, attachments, colors, links, and styling as well to the text.

6.User-Friendly Approach 

Wondering how you can access all of your emails from different email providers at a glance?

With Aqua Mail, which even works in android 2.3, you have the access to become a lot more productive and save time as well.

With about 300 settings provided and an engaging dark theme, you have an email viewing experience delightful yet convenient.

Tailor your preference with a different theme, color, languages, and a rich text editor. 

7.Spam Filter

Aqua mail features a spam filter for android users, this lets you move unwanted server message directly into the spam.

So, in the further times, you will not have any email notifications from the server that you’ve considered spam.contacts sync

This way, the email app will learn the spam accounts that you’ve restricted and automatically adjusts and filters fresh and relevant emails to you.

Your email providers might not feature you a benefit like this, but with this app, it is proven to be the best productivity app to download in android and enjoy its unlimited advantages. 

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8.Backup Your Data

Worried about message and information losing forever? Not anymore when you have a backup and restore feature available.

The backup is done on popular cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box too.

This way, you will never lose your data as it will be stored automatically on the cloud-based servers.

So, whenever you wish to access it, you can easily make it available to you. 

9.Other Advanced Feature

  • Smart folder feature available to easily store and help you navigate your mails
  • Contact and Calendar sync with Office 365 and Exchange
  • Signature support allows you to add a digital signature for each email account
  • 4 professional and highly engaging theme provided with further customization option
  • A few tasks are being integrated that are change setting, trigger mail, events everything based on the emails received to you.
  • Push Mail 


If you are still wondering whether to download this app or no? You can rest assured as it is the best email application to download in android.

Download from Google playstore

With the latest feature, smart technology, and a complete security solution.These apps make sure you have access to all emails at a glance and in no time.