Best Android Music Sequencer Apps 2020

With the advent of technology, even the music industry has started to utilize various devices, for swift music creation.

Amongst such gadgets or application software, music sequencing has become very useful. Why?

Because this multipurpose device can help an artist to record, edit and playback sequencer apps for android

Furthermore, such devices execute their tasks by handling notes and performance information in numerous forms, like OSC, MIDI-CV/GATE, etc.

The best android music sequencer apps are available online so that you can create your music without any hassle.

What Is A Music Sequencing?

If you are new to this industry and want to try recording your songs, it will be best if you knew about sequencing beforehand.

By sequence in music we mean, a melodic figure repeated at a pitch level to develop the music material.

Therefore, it can be said that sequencing is an integral part of the music as it accentuates the quality of the melody.

Best Music Sequencer Apps For Android 2020

If you are a budding musician who wants to start recording and editing his or her music, then it would be best to go through the following list of the best android music sequencer apps.

1.Beat Machine -Audio Sequencer

The first name that can be mentioned in this segment is the Beat Machine – Audio Sequencer.

This android app is proven as it comes with impeccable features.

Vaytricks have developed this app, and the makers assure you an effortless full length song composition.

The features that can help you to create the melody you want, such as:

1.You can export full length songs into Wav files.
2.It sequentially organizes different patterns into full length songs.
3.It provides full file I/O system to manage projects and files.

Download from Google playstore

2.Drum Sequencer (Drum Machine)

The Volcano Mobile developed a sequencer only for percussion, which, will help musicians to drum sequence and arrange theme to develop rhythm tracks.

Other than that, it is also useful for musicians who play different instruments as well; although it can only be used for beginner level for such musicians.

There are a few things that a drummer can effortlessly do with this app, such as:

1.A percussionist can create an intro, verse, chorus, outro of a song.
2.It provides virtual drum pads for you to develop your music quickly. 
3.It allows you to change the sequence of your melody sequences in live mode.
4.You can export your composition to your SD card. 

Download from Google playstore

3.Groove Mixer-Music Beat Maker & Drum Machine

Another application, which can be considered as an excellent music sequencer apps for Android, is the Groove Mixer.

The Flexbyte Software developed this app in a way which makes it appear like a virtual drum with patterns suitable for Android.

Furthermore, it allows you to create music of the different genre, like hip-hop, rock, trap, and whatnot.

A percussionist will be thrilled to use this app, as it comes with numerous beneficial features, like:
1.It comes with a very friendly user-interface.
2.It has over 256 patterns.
3.Beats per minute (BPM): 20-400
4.Groove Mixer has step sequencer with 8 channels.

Download from Google playstore

4.Music Studio Lite

Alexander Gross developed a mobile-friendly application for Android, which gives off a professional effect of music development.

One of the best parts of this app is that it provides a quality, which may not be found in any other software.

Music Studio Lite comes with various tools, such as 11 studio-quality instruments, piano keyboard, reverb, note-editing and whatnot.

If you want to compose your music, the Music Studio Lite can be your go-to app.

Download from Google playstore

5.Sequence Groovebox-Music & Beat Maker

Sequence Groovebox, an app which has around 4.2 ratings on Google Play, is created by Sequence Software.

This next-gen mobile-friendly app can be used to develop powerful melodies, beats, bass lines.

Other than that, you can utilize the launchpad to play different combinations of melodies in a loop.

Furthermore, it allows you to edit patterns into piano rolls, and you can trigger clips individually. 

Download from Google playstore

6.Ufxloops Music Studio

Amongst the list of the best android music sequencer apps, uFXloops Music Studio holds a significant place. Why? Because this application allows you to compose songs of different genres, like EDM, rock, R&B, Trance, pop, and so on.

Other than its ability to compose modern music, it comes to various noteworthy features, such as –
1.It has an instrument editor.
2.It comes with a pattern editor.
3.It provides you with a volume mixer on four layers.

Download from Google playstore

7.Caustic 3

One of the next-gen tools to compose your music in Android devices, Caustic 3 with most of the instruments with a pattern for different devices.

One of the exciting aspects of this app is that it provides you with a powerful editor, which can help to modify recorded automation curves.

As a budding musician, it will be best if you go through the features of this app.

1.It supports 2 effects per machine. 
2.It comes with a mixer desk with global Delay/Reverb effects.

Download from Google playstore


Utworks developed an app for Android mainly for the pianists in the making.

If you play this instrument and want to compose your melody, this can be your go-to application.

It is virtual with in-built patterns specially crafted for mobile.

You’ll find it to be a mobile-friendly application, as it only requires 228kb of your storage space, needs a minimum of 2.2 version of Android to function. 

Download from Google playstore

9.Euclidean Midi Sequencer

In simple words, Euclidean MIDI Sequencer is an algorithmic way of making beats. 

The classic step sequencer format has long been popular in the zone of modular melody development.

Therefore, Volcano Mobile designed Euclidean MIDI Sequencer so that you can create the music effortlessly.

The UI is easily understandable, and the patterns of this app are suitable for Android devices.

Download from Google playstore

10.Midi Sequencer 

Lastly, among the list of the best android music sequencer apps, it is imperative to mention MIDI Sequencer.

This app too, is developed by Volcano Mobile, and it is suitable for most of the Android devices.

Before getting started with this app, you can go through the following list of features provided with this app:
1.You can create sequences.
2.It allows you to develop tracks using instruments from sound fonts.

Download from Google playstore


In conclusion, it can be said that various developers have crafted different music sequencer, to help a budding musician compose their melody effortlessly.

Such apps are varied in nature, and each has other qualities, so it can be helpful to any musician.

By going through the aforementioned list, you can also download the app suitable for your skills and your Android device.