Best Android Music Instrument Apps 2020

Music-making apps have given music lovers a chance to enhance their skills and enjoy tuning into the sound they create.

Songs help one feel relaxed, calm their sense, and feel energetic on the beats and there is no comparison to it.

There are some pretty good music instrument apps on the Android platform that have offered music lovers a chance to develop their talents and enjoy tuning into the sound they make.

Songs help one feel relaxed, calm their sense, and feel energetic on the beats and there is no comparison.

To filter out the option for you and leave you with only a good musical instrument app, we have highlighted the 10 best apps to download that provide you real results.

What Is A Music Instrument App?

Virtual music apps have now made our lives easier with their extremely versatile functions and features that make it looks like a real-time app.

It is now not necessary to have a real instrument to make a learning session as these apps allow you to fulfill all your wishes.

From learning, playing, and creating fun for recording, listening, and understanding what needs to be worked upon.

You have got everything in your control with these musical instrument apps ideally meant to enhance your skills.

Top Android Music Instrument Apps 2020

1.Real Piano

If you wish to learn guitar, piano or you are already an artist and in need to sharpen your musical skill real like a musical instrument, this app is your go-to option.

You can easily learn chords, play the piano, enjoy the musical notes with pleasure and the best part is, it will keep you hooked up for a long.

Your musical ability will see a boost and improvement with this app that records your playlist and help you understand how you did.

Choose from ultimate sizes of piano, 88 keys, and a lot more. 

Download from Google playstore

2.Real Percussion

You might have always wished to experience true percussion from the musical world.

Gladly, your wish is granted with the app that transforms your normal smartphone to life taking music instrument android apps.

Grab the beat, tap on the drum pad, practice hard, and enjoy all the rhythm of life from this musical instrument app.

It provides you 25 loops, 12 drum pads while you can always record your songs and enjoy 20 rhythm samples to groove in.

Download from Google playstore

3.Real Guitar

If you are a beginner in the musical field and don’t feel physically touch guitar without learning, this app is ideally meant for you.

Create your rock band, improve your solo and chord performance, make use of the ultimate list of virtual simulators, and experience a high-quality guitar sound.

You need to have to sit at a place to learn it, travel on the go, and enjoy tuning into your musical instrument android app for fun.

Not just right-handers, but left-handers can enjoy the personalized benefits offered in it.

Download from Google playstore

4.Band Live Rock

Record your live band track and let your audience know how good you are at it.

Band live rock lets you showcase your talent in the most versatile manner.

You can become an ultimate master in Guitar, bass, piano, microphone, and singing all at one spot.

With the sequencer and mixer simulator, your music learning experience gets easier.

Not just playing but recording and listening are all you get with an unlimited number of notes to create a magical music experience.

Download from Google playstore

5.Simple Drums Basic

Drums are a must in any music without which any song seems off! If you want to excel as a drummer this simple drum app will insanely turn your raw skill professional.

From a versatile option to choose from, drum kit, metal, electronic, rock, and jazz, the solid 32 jams will keep you hooked up for longer.

Drum along with your favorite sound, create your sound, and enjoy multiple loops offered in the app.

The advanced option for volume mixer and customizations is another key feature to have a realistic drum learning time.

Download from Google playstore

6.Real Bass

Some of you might be a dab hand, while few just a beginner and have always aim to learn it.

This app fulfills your dream of learning with the real bass that comes with 20 lessons to polish you.

The 17 loops and styles can help you create solid jams.

Your boring phone seems to be more fun with acoustic and electric bass featured rightly.

A fun, easy to use, lightweight yet hyper-realistic app that features immense sound quality.

This best android music instrument apps will leave you speechless with its real looking experience after being a virtual music app.

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Have you ever felt the music so soothing, relaxing, and one that seems as thin as flowing of air that passes through a metal? The Indian music genre has always adored and admired harmonium, especially in classical music.

To practice on the vocals, improvise it, increase your knowledge for music, song, and beats, Harmonium is played extensively.

If you wish to become a top-rated Indian singer, understand vocals, improving your sur and learning music of all of it can be done through this music instrument app.

From doing a music Riyaz to melodizing your voice, this smooth playing app is an ideal option for your needs.

Download from Google playstore

8.Kalimba Connect

A real-time, virtual music instrument right in your phone, which you can access, learn, play, enjoy anytime anywhere and back in the pocket.

You can start any jam, play tabs, chords, riffs, and enjoy the daily challenge mode that increases your learning skills in just the right way.

A virtual tutor with an easy-to-follow lesson and a variety of keyboard instruments to make you a pro in almost all musical instruments you wish to learn.

This is one of the most versatile music instrument android apps that you should download without fail if you are a true music lover. 

Download from Google playstore

9.Congas & Bongos

A simplistic, yet realistic music instrument android app to let you try true percussion experience.

It transforms your phone into a percussion kit for instant music playing, practicing, and putting your skills to test.

With 10 video tutorials, you can easily learn a lot along with the recording mode to know how well you are doing.

With 10 drum pads, 25 loops, a multi-touch feature, and 10 rhythm samples, you can have a great self-learning session, without having to spend your money on a pro.

Download from Google playstore

10.Drum Solo Rock

Become a real drummer, let the drummer in you pop out with this drum kit simulator, allowing you to play rock, drum, and use the multi-touch acoustic drum kit to enjoy real-life drumming virtually.

With mere fingers, this drum set comes free, help you connect with the rhythm, play drum from different style, and become a pro instantly.

Download from Google playstore


If you have read all the apps, you have successfully found your perfect app that meets your musical needs.

The best part is, this best android music instrument apps is free and is available for you just easily.

Not all apps are worth it, only a few can provide you great features, options, recording mode, and variation.

This list successfully fulfills all the dreams one has in a virtual music instrument.