Best Android Apps For Music Producers 2020

Who would have imagined that there will be mobile apps to create music production? Being able to compose your melody or song was something that only professionals used to do back then.

But now, the best android apps for music producers allow you to compose any sound with ease.

Now you are not restricted to achieving your dreams with a highly expensive music production studio when you have one in your hand.

This allows producer, young and talented ones to showcase their talent in the most versatile manner.  

Music-making:The current scenario

With the price range of music production studio escalating, people who can’t afford to launch their songs were pretty disappointed.

Now, the table has turned with the technology continuing to grow and benefiting us in a number of ways.

Music-making has become broader, better and opportunity oriented too.

Now just a simple app download can make you achieve your goals.

Compiling songs today with thousands of effects, filters, voice modulation, cleaning is available. 

Top 10 Android Apps for Music Producers

1.Hip Hop Producer Pad

This app is exclusively for those who love drumming and look forward to excelling in the same.

It is lightweight, extremely easy to use, and able to record looped drum, basslines as well as samples which are loaded over 4 pad banks.

Not just that, you have the FX feature to use, which allows low and high filters that can be utilized on individual pads available.

Metronome is something that gives you the ability to keep your rhythm in line and updated.

Once you record your song and feel it’s worth it, you can also share it with your group and publicize how great your music production skills are.

Download from Google playstore

2.uFXloops Music Studio

A sample-based musical workstation for your android phone, providing you the world of sound at your fingertip.

It is a simplified way to create melodies, one that you can mix, merge, and create through the help of available soundboard samples or discovering your own tune.

With ample features like Instrument editing, pitch shifter, live tempo shifting, automatic loop point discovery, and crossfade, you will lobe how your music will turn into.

The high-quality audio supporting varied styles of music like Electro, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Heavy Metal not just, Dubstep, Trance, Techno, Rock as well.

With 200 projects and about 3000 live samples, this apps for music producers android has already stolen the attention of many young artists.

Download from Google playstore

3.BeatStars – Instrumental Beat

A free beat leasing platform, ideally designed to encourage young artists, writers, producers, and beatmakers to choose only this app worldwide for their musical needs.

The best part about this app is its broad range of options and beat availability of up to 3.5 million.

The app also permits you to buy and listen to beats on a lease, license with that there are already thousands of free download beats to your file folder.

Create an unlimited playlist of your loving songs, follow your ideal BeatStars. 

Download from Google playstore

4.DJ Pad Easy Beat

Creating your own music and beats won’t seem to be a challenge anymore when you have a DJ pad Easy beat app.

Whenever or where ever you wish, this app allows you to easily do it by adding rhythm to your sound perfectly.

One extremely simple creation of an app that encourages artists and hidden talent to give their music writing a voice.

It helps you create the musical talent that you can express with options like Hip-hop, EDM, Trap, FutureBass, SynthWave, and much more.

Record, save, and share and make your beats anytime.

The metronome and BPM control featured in the music producer app android free version provides better performance and a result that delivers unique composition.

Download from Google playstore

5.Bandpass (Early Access)

A stylish way to turn your mobile into a versatile music production that blends your musical skills in an eye watching manner.

You have the freedom to creating tracks, building loops, and allowing your people to hear it.

You can make your beats and listen to it, add rhythm to your sound, and have your own unique style ready in a magical way.

The 3000 samples provided offers you choose your instrument to create orchestral sounds and use of addictive synthesizers that create wave shapes, track, edit and modify filters through effects of your choice.

Download from Google playstore

6.Beat Snap – Music & Beat Maker

You wish to have maximum creativity when it comes to music production and beat making.

With jams on 32 pads, step sequencer, 135 sound packs, and a 6 live FX controllable, one can only imagine the devastatingly amazing impact delivered from the Beat snap.

You can record up to 32 sequences and create your song full of interesting beats and become an international producer in no time.

Visualize instruments on each pad and record your performance, share it with the world of musicians and music lovers for new opportunities.

Download from Google playstore

7.Walk Band-Multitrack Music

Imagine a virtual toolkit for all sorts of musical instruments? You can create sound and tune into your own song with musical lyrics to produce your music.

Walk band is one versatile and very interesting music production app to download on your android device.

This android apps for music producers are a proven choice of over 50 million people, one can imagine the impact this app has made in the musical industry.

With the Multitrack synthesizer and enhancing the quality of audio, you will become a master in the music for sure.

This app is pretty lightweight, easy to use and the main thing is the feature provided to you.

The musical instruments offered are piano, guitar solo, drum pads, drum machine, beat pad, chord mode, and more.

Download from Google playstore

8.DubStep Music Creator III – Rhythm & Beat Maker

Now, start creating your own musical melody for free. Master in Dubstep and create a song that you will convince you are quite easy to produce through this app.

You can truly enjoy the user friendly and simple to use interface offered plus the customization pad allow you to customize each beat pad button.

With ample song filter and FX that adds music-making experience better, you also have Echo mode, low and high pass, distortion, pitch, and chorus to adjust accordingly.

There is no way you could spend more money on purchasing a beat pad when you can practice and create your magical melodies through this DubStep app.

The sky is the limit so don’t let your creativity reduce at any cost.

Download from Google playstore

9.Producer Tools Free

The tedious part of creating and producing music is something that restricts you from making music.

Leaving this stress aside, producer tools free brings to you the app that enhances your creativity, brings a boost to your musical experience.

This app is a function loaded with a chord reference, equalization, harmonic mixing, frequency to note translator, and a lot more.

These features are way too advanced and can sharpen your music producing skills.

You will see the speedup results of your music production experience for sure with this app.

Download from Google playstore

10.Remixlive – Make Music & Beats

Become a Who doesn’t love remixes of their favorite songs together, creating a new unique sensation to groove yourself on?

This best android apps for music producers instantly help you create intuitive remixes with amazing samples and a strong collection of features to better and upgrade your performance.

The 150+ pack of sound designs ensures the best quality approach is delivered.

With that, you get a step sequencer, play loop, drum pads, and create, edit the sequence as per your choice and mood.

With advanced sample edits, each project of yours will be worth sharing.

Download from Google playstore


If you are a producer, songwriter, musician, or artist who wishes to explore the field of music and different instrument.

You will surely love all of the apps that are mentioned above, they tend to create a magical way of boosting your performance.

The advanced and much-needed features, with a free option, gives you the scope to not restrict being creative.These are the most amazing android apps for music producers